About the Book

Your Breastfeeding Guidebook is, as the title suggests, a book about breastfeeding. It's an evidence-based, easy-to-read guide that covers just about anything that a new or expectant mother would need to know about nursing and pumping. The topics covered in the book include: benefits of breastfeeding, latch, positioning, common problems, nipple pain, supply issues, and much more. 

Your Breastfeeding Guidebook is not an opinion piece or a social commentary. Families who choose to breastfeed have made a choice. This book supports that choice and helps mothers and families achieve their personal breastfeeding goals. The book is pro-breastfeeding through and through, but it is not about contributing to parenting guilt or providing ammunition for the "mommy wars." Parents of any culture, race, religion, and lifestyle are welcome. This is not a natural parenting book. You do not have to subscribe to a particular parenting philosophy in order to breastfeed. Likewise, you do not have to be a particular type of parent in order to find this book useful. 

As with most breastfeeding books, Your Breastfeeding Guidebook is primarily aimed at expectant mothers. Why? Most women who breastfeed decide to do so during their pregnancies. And most people who are in the market for a book about breastfeeding are expectant mothers. That being said, anyone who is interested in learning about breastfeeding would enjoy browsing through Your Breastfeeding Guidebook. It contains useful information for fathers, grandparents, and others who are involved in supporting a nursing mother. 

The book is currently available in paperback. Ebook and hardcover versions will be coming soon. See the BUY link on this site for more information about purchasing.