All Milk is Breastmilk

The normalization of breastfeeding is a hot topic these days. As well it should be. Breastfeeding is healthy and natural. It's good for both mother and baby. It's feeding the way that nature intended. It's not about shaming women who don't breastfeeding (at least it shouldn't be). It's about allowing women the freedom to celebrate the breastfeeding that they choose to do.

It's unfortunate that we have to normalize something that is so normal that it's part of what defines our species. Humans are mammals. Mammals are animals that feed milk to their young. Milk is, by definition, the liquid food that mammals (including humans) feed to their young. 

All real milk is, by definition breastmilk. 

Cow's milk is cow breastmilk.

Goat's milk is goat breastmilk.

Almond milk is........not almond breastmilk. 

Actually, it used to be that makers of soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk were barred from using the word "milk." They had to call it "almond beverage." Because it's not milk. 

What we commonly refer to as breastmilk is more accurately defined as human milk. Because humans make milk. It's what we do to survive as a species. Humans need human milk. And if human milk is unavailable, we need a substitute that is as close to human milk as possible.

So who needs cow's milk? Calves do. But if you're a human who likes cow's milk, that's ok too.

What do I pour on my cereal in the morning? Lowfat vanilla soymilk is my favorite. Even though it isn't really milk.